Melani’s Styling Blog

  • Thank you from The Rustic Shack

    Hi! My name is Melani and I am the owner of The Rustic Shack Boutique & Interior Design. We are having SO MUCH FUN with all of our wonderful g...
  • Christmas Inspiration for your home

    Now that we are all busy getting our homes ready for the Holidays we sometimes run into a roadblock and feel like we have no design skills. My advi...
  • Santa is Coming to our boutique!

  • Christmas Cottage Event

    Join us on Saturday, November 5th for our Holiday event.
  • Undecorating from Christmas

    As we are moving out of the holiday season it is time to undecorate! Remove all of that decor that Christmas brings into our homes and bring it ba...
  • Sheek Tree Wrap

    It’s simple, it’s gorgeous, and it’s so farmhouse sheek! I have done it in the store and my home and I absolutely love the look! Just simply use a ...
  • Tree Skirt

    Use a throw as your tree skirt! So simple but so elegant! 🤍
  • Outdoor Winter Decorating

    Blog: Holiday decor can be so simple and beautiful! Put some clippings from trees in your yard or buy some spruce tips. Berries and pine are always great Christmas decor! In the next bucket up put some birch logs, and in the last bucket put one or two trees. Hang some garland and there you go! Gorgeous!
  • Dressing Your Table

    So, one of the new decor styles is taking a large scarf or throw and mess it on the table with your favorite decor! Gorgeous! ❤️
  • Cozy In The Kitchen

    Here is a Saturday or Sunday thing you can do when it starts getting cooler out! Grab your Dutch oven (or purchase one at Wayfair!) Have you ever m...
  • Freshening up your space!

    You can never have too many throw pillows! Freshening up your space is so easy with just a simple accessory such as a pillow, throw or some greens....